Frequent ask questions

What does wedding reportage consist of?

We like to photograph your wedding with a very spontaneous style. Generally, this type of shooting is
indicated with the term “wedding reportage”, specifying a wedding service that makes minimum use of
the poses and that prefers a photographic story of the event in the most natural way possible..

Is it possible to have a few portrait shots of our parents, bridal party and friends?

Absolutely yes. The reportage can’t guarantee that everyone present at the wedding will be captured. As
your photo and/or video maker, we will be happy to dedicate ourselves to portray your loved ones in
group photographs in a more posed style.

Do you have several packages to choose from?

We often make personalized estimates based on the specific needs of our couples. We advise you to get

in touch with us, by email or call, so as to give us as much information as possible and to have a tailor-
made quote for your wedding in a very short time.

How far in advance should we book our photographic service?

We get bookings from 12 to 3 months before the wedding. Of course, it all depends on the period in
which the wedding is set to take place. For example, Saturday and Sunday during the June-September
could be really full of date if your wedding will set to take in Italy. If you calling us at the last moment,
your date could be already be occupied. For this, if you like our work, do not hesitate to contact us!

Do you also shoot outside Italy?

Absolutely yes. We can move in Italy and abroad, obviously with additional costs to be calculated, such
as fuel, tolls, overnight stays. Whatever destination you have chosen, if you want us like your
photographers and videomaker, it will never be too far.

So do you charge of travel expenses when you moving?

Yes, but everything is agreed with the couples. We provide an estimate of costs before signing the
contract. No decision is made without the couples and we always try to book the cheapest possible

Do you shoot also pre-wedding and engagement?

Sure! And they are always carefree and a lot of fun! Feel free to get in touch by e-mail or call for a quote.

Will you be the one to edit on our photographs?

Absolutely yes. We consider that phase an integral and really important part of our work. So we take
care of everything personally, including the layout of the albums.

How long does it take until we get our wedding photos?

This depends on which service is chosen. The delivery time by link or pen drive compared to that of an
album is, of course, different. Generally, we are quite fast and in about 3 months from the selection of the
photographs, you can have the finished product.

Can we choose the photos for the book?

Generally, we proceed with an initial album layout which then obviously it is possible for our couple to
make changes before sending the album to print. We will take care to give a coherent layout and we will
send you a draft for approval before the final print.

How can we request an appointment?

You can make an appointment by phone or by e-mail. All our contact details can be found in the
“Contact” section of the website. For any other questions please do not hesitate to write to us and we will
reply as soon as possible.