ANNA & ELIA 22-06-2019

They capture every detail, every single moment, and every emotion felt that day. They leave out nothing.
Every time we watch again the photos they take us back to that day full of joy. They are professional,
precise, that day they are almost invisible and immediately put you at ease. But above all, they put their
heart into their job and it shows! A warranty!

NOEMI & NICOLA 20-07-2020

We chose weddingphotostudio after seeing the photos on their Facebook page. We were very impressed
with their modern yet elegant style. They take great care of the details and make sure that you will never
forget that day in the life. They exceeded expectations.

MARIA & SIMONE 25-07-2020

We had a great time with them. They are not at all intrusive and immediately put us at ease. They are
fast, knowledgeable and have done a very satisfying and professional job!


Natural and beautiful shots!
These girls are really good! With their style of reportage, they tell the day in an authentic way, with real
shots of the author who are never banal. Always present but super discreet and have immortalized every
single moment to remember. Their talent goes beyond shooting. They have fast turnaround times and
are flexible in adding a few shots or something if needed.

MARTINA & MARCO 15-06-2019

We were very happy with the service. We only knew one thing that we didn’t want classic wedding pose
photos. They immediately understood what we were looking for: originality and naturalness. We chose
them for this very reason. Thanks for everything.

FEDERICA & TOMAS 01-09-2018

Our wedding thanks to Wedding Photo Studio was immortalized in an extremely spontaneous way but, at
the same time, with great attention to detail. These girls were able to make us feel at ease at all times,
allowing us to always be ourselves and above all by making beautiful photos. In their work, there are love

and passion! We will never stop thanking them! Fantastic.


For our wedding we have relied on these girls without any doubt. Available and professional,
you will not regret. After seeing the way they work and above all the result we can only say:

LETIZIA & FILIPPO 19-08-2017

Very professional, attentive, helpful, and above all, nice. They managed to immediately establish a
cordial and friendly relationship with us and always making us feel at ease. The work has been studied in
detail, paying attention to even the smallest details. It was a pleasure to share such an important
moment in our life with them.
Thanks again!!

MARIA & ENZO 24-06-2017

We were very satisfied with the work of these girls. We knew that they did their job with passion and we
had confirmation on our most beautiful day! They know how to put you at ease and work with humility
and professionalism. Also, the final work is done in a fantastic way because the memories of that day are
so important! I recommend them to all those who want a job done to perfection.

ALINA & GUIDO 02-06-2017

Beautiful photographs !! They were able to immortalize the most beautiful day of our life with
professionalism, patience, and meeting all our needs. We really recommend them, also for the courtesy
and friendliness that distinguishes them!

CLAUDIA & LORENZO 16-07-2016

Maximum professionalism and punctuality. True professionals, not intrusive but also very imaginative,
funny, and outgoing. It was very nice to share our best day with them.

SELENE & MARCO 8-12-2018

Thanks because every photo makes us relive the love, the emotion, and the happiness of those
moments! You have photographed us as engaged, married, almost parents, and now, with our daughter,

as excited and enthusiastic parents. Theirs are now, more than photographs, parts of our most beautiful


Every couple would like their wedding day to be as perfect as they have always dreamed of. Yet it
happens to have to correct organizational problems during the wedding. Issues that the professionals
themselves might have had to solve on their own. It doesn’t take much for the magic of the moment to
break. This is why it is important to choose the professionals who will accompany you, with their
professionalism and sensitivity, during your day. For the latter reason, Wedding Photo Studio was our
choice. The girls were nice, discreet, invisible but always present. In one word: Perfect!
Wedding Photo Studio was able to impress the emotions of that day with their shots. Not trivial posed
photos, but you, stripped naked in front of the trepidations that Yes entails.